China & Mongolia


China & Mongolia

China is a vast country and within its borders are numerous cultures. With its history books referring to 5000 years of heritage, the nation is a repository of ancient wisdom and site of ancient monuments. Its landscapes of mountains and rivers have a gentle and meditative air. In contrast, its cities move quickly, building and planning for the future.

To visit China and see this diversity for yourself is a must! Our unique selection of China tours caters for the full spectrum of travellers, from first time visitors on low cost tours – see the amazingly good value ‘China Now!’ – through to those looking for the added luxury, diversified experiences and fine dining opportunities as provided by our high-end tours – see ‘Imperial Beijing’ or the more comprehensive ‘China in Style’ that features superb five star hotels throughout.



Gobi Desert MongoliaChina & Mongolia

A fascinating insight to the lifestyles and landscapes of Mongolia. Stay in traditional gers and study the craft of skilled nomadic herdsmen amongst expansive grassland, desert and lakeside settings. 

The best time to travel to the region is May to September.  The famous Naadam Festival is included in the group tour in July.


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China & Mongolia


Number one on many wish lists is walking on the Great Wall of China. Then there is the amazing Forbidden City and vast Tiananmen Square in Beijing. The tranquil scenery on a one day Li River cruise or your choice of a three, four, seven or eight night Yangtze River cruise is not to be missed. And who could resist the chance to cuddle a Panda in Chengdu?