China ToursDestinations

China is a vast country and within its borders are numerous cultures. With its history books referring to 5000 years of heritage, the nation is a repository of ancient wisdom and site of ancient monuments.


Vietnam ToursDestinations

Visit Vietnam’s lush river deltas and you’ll see people working in their fields, worshipping their village deities and holding colourful festivals, just as they have for generations.


India ToursDestinations

Mughal palaces & forts, colourful timeless cultures, sacred sites, colonial heritage and sweeping landscapes varying from steamy jungles and searing deserts to snow capped mountains India has a wide range of destinations.


Thailand ToursDestinations

Thailand offers a wonderful diversity of ancient cities, Buddhists temples and remote hilltribes co-exisiting with beautiful beach resorts, and great shopping markets.


Cambodia ToursDestinations

Emerging from years of turmoil and tragedy, Cambodia has regained its status as a safe and attractive tourism destination.



Orangutans, orchids and kingfishers – the rich array of Malaysia’s natural wonders are presented on our tours, combined with relaxing stays at beach resorts or highlights of urban life.


Mongolia ToursDestinations

The expansive grasslands and deserts of Mongolia reveal an age-old way of life. Experience stays in traditional gers, visit camel breeders and witness skilled horsemen, learning all the while about their nomadic lifestyle.


Korea ToursDestinations

South Korea is a place of dazzling cities, friendly people and beautiful countryside littered with fortresses, temples and palaces, many of them UNESCO World Heritage sites.


Taiwan ToursDestinations

Formosa – a beautiful island of mountains, national parks, hot springs and scenic coastlines. Throughout Taiwan the Chinese way of life has been maintained in a  modern and democratic society.


Laos ToursDestinations

Welcome to the mystical land of Laos, where soaring mountains, thick forests and the fertile Mekong River Valley are graced by a history devoted to man’s spiritual yearnings in the form of countless temples and ancient palaces.


Japan ToursDestinations

Japan’s mix of traditional and modern cultures holds a fascination for travellers.  Images of graceful tea ceremonies, kimino-clad geishas and highly disciplined samurai warriors interplay with neon lit, tech-savvy metropolises.


Myanmar ToursDestinations

Asia’s best kept travel secret is flowering as a tourist destination after decades of isolation. This wonderfully diverse country with world class archaeological sites, fascinating scenery, historic old buildings, colourful ethnic groups and an incredibly warm and friendly people.


Nepal ToursDestinations

We invite you to consider the magical and mountainous Himalayan kingdom of Nepal.  We offer private journeys including soft adventure, trekking and a little luxury in these awe inspiring landscapes.


Bhutan ToursDestinations

Discover a mountainous kingdom full of surprises. Explore the forested wilderness, see monasteries teetering on cliff tops and marvel at the skill of archers at a local tournament. Accommodation is a combination of hotels and guesthouses.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka ToursDestinations

Cascading waterfalls, mist-shrouded mountains, stunning coastline, wild elephants, rolling tea plantations and quaint villages – these are just some of the wonders of this enchanting country.