Formosa – a beautiful island of mountains, national parks, hot springs and scenic coastlines. During its long history, prehistoric people, aborigines, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese and Han Chinese have all successively populated the island now known as Taiwan, creating a varied culture and developing different local customs and traditions along the way. 

These various cultures found their artistic expression in unique architecture, wood carvings, pottery and ceramics. Taiwan is also custodian to a fine collection of Chinese Arts.  The National Palace Museum in Taipei holds the essence of five thousand years of Chinese history.  Throughout Taiwan the Chinese way of life has been maintained in a modern and democratic society.

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  • Tour Sun Moon Lake in the lofty mountains of Central Taiwan
  • Try a refreshing hot spring bath
  • Visit the night markets in Taipei
  • See 5000 years worth of Chinese Imperial arts and jade collections at the National Palace Museum
  • Visit Lukang, known for its handicrafts of wood and bamboo
  • Share vegetarian lunch with the monks at the Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Monastery
  • Explore the scenic coastline and Tarako National Park
  • Beware of the native tribesmen (they were once head hunters!)